Built in 1995, the Loyang Point is a commercial property located at 259 Pasir Ris Street 21, (S)510259. As a commercial property primarily used for retail rent and sales, it enjoys a lot of foot traffic from both locals and tourists alike due to its strategic location and various nearby attractions. The Loyang Point is one of the 22 Housing Development Board (HDB) shopping complexes across the island in Singapore.  It is also is one of the six (6) Housing and District Board buildings on the Island put up for a renovation that costs a total of $48 million.

In 2016, Loyang Point took a structural and appearance overhaul; a facelift, which was much needed at the time to make it attractive and provide more shopping options to compete with other shopping malls in the neighbourhood for customers.  The facelift, which took two years, was a success as it did help increased the shop capacity, infrastructure, and façade. The current 2- story Loyang Point building was actually a single story complex with adjoining wings before the renovation took place.

As at 2017, the Loyang Point mall is 30% bigger than before in terms of size, space and amenities such as the added new lifts and escalators, and a broader passageway to accommodate more foot traffic. Loyang Point now has more parking space plus a wider variety of shops with more dining options to give you a more extensive selection of foods variety to choose from. A bigger parking space means the probability of finding a place to park your car just increased which improves your shopping experience. The Loyang Point was officially re-opened in May 2017 following a two (2) years phased renovation. It currently has a total shop capacity of 77, a 15% increase from the initial 60 shops after the renovation took place.

The Loyang Point Shopping mall was once a big deal in the early to late 90s as it was one of the first standalone fully air-conditioned neighbourhood shopping malls to be introduced in Singapore. Due to its deadlocked location, the Loyang Point is an excellent area for shoppers who enjoy a serene environment and can’t stand a large when shopping for their needs.

Loyang Point is home to two popular big supermarkets – Giants and Sheng Shong. It is also serves as a home to two food courts that sells various kind of foods from local cuisine, Japanese to western. Compared to the majority of other heartland locations, the Loyang Options has more food options for her occupants and neighbours. Loyang Point shopping mall is opened to the public for 16 hours daily from as early as 7 am in the morning to 11 pm, late in the night.

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