3 Secret Tips For Creating Engaging Explainer Videos

How do you tell your audience about your unique selling point or product features in a way that’s gripping, informative, and easy to understand? Many brands are flocking to explainer videos, and for good reasons!

Explainer videos are typically concise videos that showcase a brand’s product or service, going into the essentials of how it works and how it benefits your audience. They can be delivered in the form of animated videos, whiteboard videos, or with a live product demonstration.

They are best used at the consideration stage, where your audience is already aware of their pain and problem, and they are looking for a solution or a product that can solve it.

However, having an explainer video does not automatically guarantee you success. It’s important to have a great explainer video that can simplify complex concepts while at the same time be engaging to your audience. So, how do you make the perfect explainer video? Let’s find out!

An explainer video isn’t just about your brand, product, or service. For it to truly click, it needs to speak directly to your audience. Address them with the pronoun ‘you’, and describe the pain-points they might be experiencing. Make sure the language used is appropriate for their understanding. For all these to work, you need to first establish who your target audience is, and then make your video resonate with them.

It’s also important to know the awareness level of your audience in order to engage them. You can refer to Eugene Schwartz’s 5 levels of awareness, from unaware, pain/problem aware, solution aware, brand aware, and most aware. Many companies make the mistake off not fully understanding this before they make an explainer video. Imagine doing an explainer video showing your unique selling point, but your audience are not even aware of the problem. It is unlikely you will get optimal conversion, or even get them to continue watching past the first 10 seconds.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your video – that will really spur them to take action, should they be interested in finding out more. Not having a call to action in your video is similar to building a website without any contact information. Your CTA need not be a purchase straightaway. It could be a CTA that builds relationship and rapport first if you feel that your audience won’t make a purchase immediately, such as ‘Visit our site to find out more’ or ‘Sign up to our mailing list for exclusive updates’.

Who says an explainer should be all facts and no fun? If not done well, explainer videos can feel something like a video tutorial or instructional manual. But remember, your goal is to attract your audience and drive conversions. A well-targeted, brilliantly-made, beautiful-looking explainer video will only benefit you!

Eye-catching visuals or a touch of humour might even lure in viewers who are not even interested in your product. This still boosts brand recognition and reputation, and will be a bonus if viewers share it on social media. Between a bland-looking video and a thoughtfully-made one, the latter will also reflect far better on your brand’s image, and generate trust in your audiences.

Remember how we said explainer videos are concise videos? You can say that again! Most explainer videos are no more than 1-2 minutes, which gives you just enough room to convey the essential info. Keeping in mind that your audiences might be busy people, with little attention span for lengthy advertisements, a short yet powerful video is the way to go. Leave the details in your website or deck!

Apart from the total length of the video, the first few seconds of your video also plays a super important role. If the viewer isn’t reeled in by the first moments of the video, chances are, they won’t be staying for the rest of the video.

Creating an explainer video that works for your brand is easier said than done. A lot of thinking and effort goes into creating that short video! If you want to have a professionally-made explainer video that will bring in the views and conversions, be sure to engage one of Singapore’s video production agencies.

We are well-seasoned professionals at making explainer videos, animations, and commercial video productions. Let us help you connect with your audience through excellent videos!

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