4 Gift Ideas Your Colleagues Will Love

Are you looking for fresh ideas to explore when you prepare gifts for your employees this year? Instead of the usual branded pen or mug, give them a gift that is practical and meaningful. Depending on the size of the company, you can decide to choose the gifts individually or organise it for the whole office. Caring for your employees can mean so much to them and change their way of working. A recent survey indicated almost fifty percent of employees think that a leader who recognises them and their daily efforts is a great individual to work for.

You might be losing sleep wondering how to come up with the perfect gift, but you will be surprised to learn about the many options that are available out there. What will surprise you more is the number of thoughtful gifts you can choose for your employees.

Professional Growth

Have you been trying to instill the thirst for knowledge in your team? You can consider presenting them with a choice of fully paid courses. You can allow them to choose a course that they have been yearning to take but lack the funds to meet the costs. The courses can also be found online, and they will only need to click the button and register. Encourage them to take up classes that interest them. Studies have shown that getting professional training and development can help to increase an employee’s productivity and satisfaction.

Planners and Journals

Help keep your employees organised by giving them a planner or journal. Penning down one’s thoughts, reminders and goals can be one great method of improving productivity. Journaling is one way that can help an employee to advance in responsibilities and focus. There are some gift options that you can consider such as the wide range of daily planners as well as the five minutes journal. You can get them personalized plaques to top it up, to make them feel valued and important.

Catered Lunch

The fastest way that you can get to your employees’ hearts is through their stomachs. Have their lunch fully catered for by a professional caterer or contract your local caterer. While you do this remember to take account on their existing food allergies and find out if they have any unique preferences. You can fix a fake meeting that commences from 12.30 noon to 2 pm and surprise them by treating them with their favorite dishes. You will take advantage of this session to show your appreciation and having an informal chat with them.

Housekeeping Gift Cards

Good employers do understand that their employees have a life outside of work. When you are looking for ways to treat your employees, you can consider getting them a gift card that offers professional house cleaning services. It’s a gift that shows consideration and care for them as individuals, instead of just employees.


There are so many gifts that can be gifted to employees and cannot be exhausted in short article. Whatever gift you choose, remember to personalise it. Random gifts like general books or gift cards might not connect you directly with your employees to a personal level as well as a personalised gift does. Show that you have invested a lot in your employees, not just as members of your team, but as individuals too. You can partner with a sticky notes wholesale dealer when gifting many people at the same time. The sticky notes will help you avoid a mix up of gifts.

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