4 Practical Tech Gifts Any Client Would Appreciate

We are living in a digital age and people are getting increasingly attached to the presence of technology in their lives. As such, tech accessories make great corporate gifts. Singapore is a great place to capitalise on this due to how technologically advanced its citizens are. Giving tech gifts is a great way to show your clients that you care as you are willing to go the extra mile to get them something more valuable.

Here are 4 practical tech gifts that are sure to satisfy even your least tech-savvy clients:

1. Power bank

Everyone has a phone nowadays, and everyone struggles with having their phone run out of battery halfway through the day. Solve their troubles with a power bank corporate gift. Long-lasting and used almost every day, few people would not appreciate a good portable power source. If you decide to get a customised variety with your brand on it, you can also be sure that it will serve as an effective advertisement. Whether it’s being held or placed on a table, power banks often see the light of day.

2. Mobile stand

Another common annoyance with phones is that most of them cannot be propped up. This is usually an issue when trying to take a group photo or trying to watch a video without holding the phone. Many have experienced the frustration of trying to get your phone propped up against something, only to have it slide back down with a thud. A portable mobile stand would solve this issue in a jiffy.

It is a simple gift, but client satisfaction is all but guaranteed. If you feel that a mobile stand isn’t impressive enough on its own, you could consider adding some customised gifts. For instance we provide tissue packet printing services to help give your gift package some extra flair while giving your brand exposure.

3. Health tracker

A more luxurious option is the health tracker. This is a watch-like gadget that, when worn on your wrist, can detect your heart rate and measure how many steps you have taken, among other functions. This nifty piece of tech is great for those who are particularly health-conscious but suits the layman just fine. It is no doubt a trendy accessory, and any client would be impressed to be gifted such an item. If you are looking to truly wow them, gifting health trackers is the way to go.

4. USB Flash Drive

Whether your clients are students, corporate affiliates, or government officials, everyone can find a use for a USB flash drive. Think of all the times you needed to use a flash drive, for instance – presentations, transferring documents, and creating backups.

Clients will never baulk at a free flash drive, especially if you decide to get those with high memory capacities. This would also create a prime opportunity to advertise the brand you are representing as recipients can use flash drives for years on end. Just place your brand’s logo on the flash drive gifts, and you have a quick and easy long-lasting advertisement campaign.

Tech will always make attractive gifts for clients. They are also a very safe option, as love for tech is pretty much ubiquitous. That being said, if you are looking to make a lasting impression, you may want to include additional gifts such as custom made pins or tissue packets. When it comes to corporate gifts, it is always better to go the extra mile to improve client satisfaction.

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