4 Tips You Need To Maintain A Clean Residential Property

A clean residence is crucial for the health and safety of those who live there. While residents play a role in upkeeping the cleanliness of their homes, other areas on the property such as function rooms, elevators and gyms are out of their reach. As a property manager, you’re responsible for managing this aspect – to ensure a clean environment for those who reside in the property. This provides peace of mind for those living there and creates the potential to attract new residents or tenants. After all, no one would feel eager to live in a place that lacks hygiene.

Many cleanliness needs can be addressed by hiring condo cleaning services in Singapore. But as a property manager, it’s essential to know what to look out for. Below, we’ve compiled 4 tips on how to maintain a clean residential property.

1. Proper waste management

Waste management is a crucial factor for maintaining a clean property. Apart from collecting the garbage, it’s necessary to clean and sanitise the rubbish chutes thoroughly as well. The accumulation of germs and bacteria in rubbish chutes can pose health hazards such as odour and lower air quality in the surroundings. Improper waste management can lead to the infiltration of pests into the residential property.

The good news is that this issue is preventable through proper maintenance of the rubbish chutes! This reduces the potential of future problems in waste collection.

2. Disinfect common areas and facilities 

It’s important to clean the common areas daily to prevent the spread of viruses and infections. High-touch areas such as elevator buttons and door handles require extra attention as they provide a home for germs to thrive. Facilities such as gyms and function rooms should also be disinfected every day. Maintaining the hygiene of these common areas will ensure that residents and tenants will have a pleasant experience while using them.

A professional cleaning company should be able to provide you with daily cleaning services in common areas such as the cleaning of equipment, disinfecting of floors and wiping of high-touch surfaces.

3. Consider green cleaning

The products used to clean the property also play a role in keeping residents safe and healthy. Many conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can negatively impact our health. These chemicals also linger in the air and deteriorate air quality, causing residents to inhale potentially toxic fumes. Switching to eco-friendly products minimises the deterioration of air quality and the risk of irritating residents’ eyes, skin and respiratory system.

Furthermore, green cleaning is better for the environment too! Green cleaning products are sustainable and biodegradable. This helps to reduce your property’s carbon footprint while keeping your residents safe and healthy.

4. Maintain the landscape

The exterior of your property is the first thing that house-hunters see when they arrive. Thus, you may want to invest in proper landscaping to ensure that the grass is properly trimmed and ancillary works are well-maintained to give a good impression of the property you’re managing.

It’s a good idea to employ a professional company to regularly maintain your property’s landscaping, especially if there are many plants around.


Being a property manager gives you the freedom to decide how you want to maintain the cleanliness of the property you’re managing. However, it’s a challenge to handle this task by yourself. You can leave the manual work to a professional residential cleaning service. We offer a range of services such as carpark and facility maintenance, pest control, rubbish chute cleaning and landscaping. We’ll assure you that the hygiene levels of your property will be in tip-top condition to keep your residents safe and healthy!

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