5 Crucial Things To Note As You Shop For A Bed Frame

A bed frame is much more than a home to your mattress. It adds potential storage space and stands as the focal point of the bedroom decor. Here are several tips that you can consider while shopping for a bed frame from a furniture sale.

  1. Mattress size

If you own a mattress that you love, it becomes easier to choose a bed frame. For full-sized mattresses, go for a double bed frame and for queen-sized mattresses, look for a queen-sized one.

  1. Room Size

A bed is the largest furniture piece in bedrooms, where a large one could overpower your small room. If too cramped, you should go for a metal bed frame to maximize the space.

  1. Type

There are two kinds of beds, platform beds and box spring beds. Platform beds offer no box string but only a mattress. So, choose a bed frame according to the bed type.

  1. Look for the height

If you wish for more drama, you can go for a bed frame like a canopy bed or four-poster bed. A tall bed frame needs a high ceiling. There are other bulky options available like a bed frame with bookshelves and a sleigh bed frame.

  1. Style a bit

You can go with wooden bed frames if you enjoy a welcoming, warm, and comfortable feel. To add a bit more coziness, pile up pillows and quilts. If you prefer a modern and sleek look, go with a metal or wooden bed frame with minimalist lines. You can also purchase side tables that goes with the theme of your room for a better feel.

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