9 Ways To Do Well On Your First Korean Language Exam

Learning a foreign language has many benefits, the biggest being that you can integrate into a culture and community entirely different from yours. You might have been going for korean lessons in singapore. However, sitting for a foreign language test is not easy. Preparing for it will be different from studying for your math or science tests. Here are a few tips to help you score well.

Practice every day!

Try to practice speaking and writing every day for at least 20 minutes. This will not only help your vocabulary but also will increase your fluency. You can use this to impress your colleagues and friends.

Record yourself while you speak

This will allow you to clear up any problems you might have with pronunciation. Therefore, try to listen to yourself speaking the foreign language. Moreover, this will also help you retain more knowledge about the language. Use the Internet to check for the correct pronunciations and rectify your errors where necessary.

Attempt all questions

If your test has no negative marking, then there is nothing to lose. So attempt all questions as there will always be a chance that the option you chose was the correct one.

Don’t spend too much time on difficult questions

You might encounter tricky questions in the middle of the exam. Try not to waste too much time on them if you are unsure about the correct answer. Making a smart guess might be a good idea; you can always get back to the harder questions if you still have time left.

Utilise all clues

Look at the headings and subheadings. They might give you a clue about the topic. Do not panic if you cannot understand a certain phrase or a word. You need not understand all the words in each text. If you feel stuck, try to contextualise and guess its meaning by reading the succeeding and preceding words or phrases.

Make a strategy about which section to attempt first

Whilst attempting practice and past tests, try coming up with a strategy that works best for you. Attempting a certain question or section of the test with which you are most comfortable with first might be a good idea.

Read the instructions carefully

Reading the instructions keeps you from going astray and going off on the wrong tangent when answering the questions. The instructions will advise you on how to properly answer the questions and not waste your time doing anything pointless.

If your exam has an essay, make an outline before writing it down

Planning beforehand makes your essay more coherent. Writing out certain points you wish to include will help you to maintain the flow of your writing. There will also be a smaller chance of you missing out important points.

Maintain your focus

Foreign language exams can leave you exhausted. There might come a time where you want to give up as you could have gotten bored of learning Korean. It is crucial to retain your cool and motivation and focus on the exam.

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