A Guide To Throwing Your Kid An Amazing Birthday Party

A child’s birthday is the day he or she looks forward to the most every year. Not only are they getting older, but they just can’t wait to open all their presents and have fun with their friends at their birthday party. It is our job as parents to make this a reality. But how exactly do we go about planning the most unforgettable birthday party for our children?


Keeping your guests engaged is a must. From they enter the venue and until they leave, they should have something to do or else they will get bored and restless. The ones who show up early could be roped in help to decorate and get the place together if you haven’t finished that yet. Play games, dance or even recruit people to help you serve snacks or host mini competitions.


Instead of plain old clothes, have your guests wear costumes. They can dress up as their favourite superhero, like a scientist, or whatever they want to be. If the party has a theme, make sure they know and their costume matches the theme! Or, you can provide the costumes yourself or even have an arts and crafts session where the guests build the costumes themselves. Then, you can all get together and take pictures with your party photo booth rental to capture lifelong memories.


Many of your guests will show up hungry because it is a birthday party and they expect to be fed. So feed them. But don’t just think your average, everyday finger food will be good enough. Wow them with the quality of food you provide. You can also impress them with foods from different cultures. This is a great way to celebrate your heritage or someone else’s culture. Another way to make the food at your kid’s party unforgettable is by allowing your guests to make it. One simple way to do this is by handing each guest a plain cupcake and allowing them to customize it in whatever way they see fit. Just hand them the ingredients and let their imagination go wild!


Have you ever considered birthday party magic shows? What’s more shocking and surprising than a magic show? How about having them dress up as your daughter’s favourite Disney princess? There are many children party entertainers in Singapore to choose from. Face painting, live performances and many more entertainment services can jazz up any birthday party.


Goodie bags are a great way to thank your guests for coming. Customisable gift bags and gifts are also a great option. Things like pencils, toy trucks, crayons, and dolls are great goodie bag ideas. Whenever your guests see it, they will remember the wonderful time they had at the birthday party.

After all this work you will be more than satisfied to know that you created an unforgettable moment in your child’s life. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself though. Hire a kid’s party planner and let them handle the complicated, time-consuming tasks.

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