A Guide To Using Google Analytics For Improving Your SEO

When checking the outcome of our SEO strategies, most of us only use 1 method: doing a Google search to see if our websites are ranking. What else can we do to measure how effective our campaigns are? How can we find ways to further improve our SEO?

Used primarily by Digital Marketing agencies in Singapore for paid advertisements, Google Analytics is a fantastic option in our toolbox to give us insights to and improve our SEO. Insights from Google Analytics are not abstract and complicated findings. Rather, they directly measure the success of your website and can be easily turned into actionable information.

Here are 4 ways to use Google Analytics to improve your SEO!

Custom segments

One of the defining characteristics of Google Analytics is its ability to differentiate visitors to your website, in custom segments that you set up yourself. You can customise categories, to sort traffic by channels, those who’ve performed certain actions or even by their demographic data. Time on site, location and choices made are other options.

So much information can be found within Google Analytics, and you can use this to inform your SEO strategy. You can find out who are your most frequent visitors and tailor your SEO keywords to capture them.

Keeping tabs on Mobile Traffic

More and more internet traffic is migrating from the desktop over to mobile. Google understands this better than anyone, and Google Analytics lets you keep an extremely close eye on your site’s mobile traffic.

Rather than just tracking the amount of mobile traffic, you can break it down to measure their engagement levels, which will pay off in informing your SEO strategies.

Tracking conversions on mobile pages is a valuable resource. Keeping track of the mobile bounce rate can let you identify problem pages or pages that are not optimised. Comparing mobile and desktop bounce rates will also give you better insight into your website’s setup.

Seek & Optimise

If your site has a search bar, Google Analytics can be used to track the number of searches and what searches have been made.

If search numbers are high, it could mean that the native navigation of your site is poor and visitors must resort to the search bar to find what they want.

Tracking what visitors search can be a starting point for future content. Frequent searches for a specific term could identify a content shortfall on this popular topic. Your next step in optimising your website could be to feature more of this content since it is in such great demand from your visitors.

Identifying your top performers

With Google Analytics, you can find out which pages produce the most conversions. Essentially, you can identify your top performers and compare them against weaker pages. This will generate a huge amount of actionable information for your SEO.

Similar in concept to the A/B testing conducted by digital marketing agencies in Singapore, comparing your best-performing pages against pages with less than ideal conversion rates is a great practice. You can identify the best points from your performing pages, and use them to optimise all your pages for the best conversions.

These are just some of the ways you can utilise Google Analytics to improve your SEO strategies. Many free or paid tools are available to assist your digital marketing strategies, but Google Analytics stands out as one of the most convenient and in-depth analytical tools.

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