Best Treatments For Clearing Cystic Acne Scars

Cystic acne is one of the severe forms of acne that leaves scars even after acne treatment. Cystic acne can cause a lot of pain and can go deep into the skin. If you have just treated large swaths of cystic acne, there is a possibility that they will leave deep and ugly-looking scar marks.

The good news however is, there are effective acne scar removal methods. Although, with cystic acne being a severe type of acne, its scars are somewhat more difficult to remove. But it is possible if you follow the below-highlighted steps.

Chemical Peels

You can use chemical peels in your acne scar removal treatment. Schedule an appointment with an experienced dermatologist or beauty spa to remove the scars. Chemical peels are made up of glycolic acid, an acidic solution that is useful in burning away the top layer of the scarred skin. Once the skin’s top layer is burnt off, a new layer of skin will start to grow to replace the scarred skin tissue, thereby removing the scars on the skin.

The penetration ability of chemical peels depends on how deep the scar is. Scars on the surface of the skin can be removed entirely, but you may need to use other scar removal treatments for deeper scars that go beneath the surface of the skin. However, it is strongly advised that you use chemical peels under the supervision of a certified professional, so that you do not put yourself at risk of further damaging your skin by causing more scars instead of removing them.

Collagen Injection

Those with depressive scars should seek a collagen injection as it helps to raise the scars by replenishing the skin’s natural collagen. This type of acne scar removal treatment is also known as injectable tissue fillers and wrinkle fillers. It helps to treat minor imperfections that can be found on your face, such as wrinkles, creases and most importantly, acne scars. Depending on the severity of your acne scars, a more minor case may only need three to six months, while a more serious case may need about nine months. It is also important for one to consistently take the injection at intervals until the scars fully heal, so that the scars do not reappear.

Dermabrasion Treatment

Another effective acne scar removal treatment is dermabrasion treatment. This treatment wears off the action on the surface of the skin, and is somewhat similar to chemical peels.

Dermabrasion treatment works best for surface scars and is not suitable for scars that run deep into the skin. This acne treatment involves the use of a fast-rotating diamond, brush or wire to shave off the skin cells on the epidermis. After the skin cells have been shaved off, new skin will grow, and the scars will be removed. If you are interested in getting dermabrasion treatment, make sure you receive this acne scar removal treatment from a licensed and professional dermatologist to ensure that you are in safe hands and get the best results.

Laser Treatment

A dermatologist is in the best position to administer a laser treatment for your cystic acne scar removal. If you would like to remove deep scars, laser treatment is the most effective method. Laser treatment can penetrate deeply into the skin, and while it can kill off the skin tissue of the scars, it also stimulates the growth of new cells through every layer of the skin.

Scars are not anything anybody wants to live with, and cystic acne itself can be frustrating, especially when you think about the scars it leaves behind. By going through any of the above acne scar removal methods, you can deal with those annoying scars and get your skin back in shape.

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