Braces On For That Perfect Set Of Teeth

Not everyone has a perfect set of teeth and smile, so they have to go the extra mile to get their teeth fixed. Most teenagers get braces in their middle school to straighten out any crooked teeth and tackle jaw alignment issues. Braces also help to improve oral health.

However, getting braces can sometimes become a pain rather than a blessing. There are specific tips which should be followed to properly maintain oral hygiene.

Get your teeth cleaned professionally

Before getting braces, the patient should get their teeth properly cleaned. A good orthodontist in Singapore will recommend this to help create a clean base for the orthodontic treatment to avoid any further complications. Some patients may also need to get their wisdom teeth removed.

Eliminate a few things from your diet

There will be few foods which you will have difficulty eating because you would not be able to chew them. Taffy, caramel, toffee are some of the food items which can get stuck in your teeth and would create a problem for you to clean. You will also have to skip foods which require biting. These include apples and even corn on the cob. You can still eat them by cutting them in smaller pieces so it is easier to chew.

Brush your teeth regularly

While brushing teeth is important for every individual, it becomes even more essential after you get braces. Apart from your morning and night routine, you will need to brush after every meal.

The reason is because food will get stuck in your braces and will need to be cleaned right away, otherwise your mouth will smell badly. If you have ceramic braces, they would leave a stain on your teeth if not cleaned properly. Singapore ceramic braces cost around $4,300 to $6,000 so you will not want to put this money to waste.

You can purchase a travel pack of toothbrush and toothpaste which can fit in your bag easily.

Visit your dentist every 3 weeks

While you will make every possible effort to achieve good oral health, your dentist can spot any irregularities beforehand. He/she will also perform a regular checkup to ensure that everything is going smoothly. You can also ask your dentist if you have any questions regarding the process. He/she will guide you in a professional way. Therefore, it requires effort from the patient to pay frequent visits to the dentist.

Use a mouth guard for sports activity

If you are an active member of the sports team, chances are that you will face discomfort during games if you wear braces. It is essential to use a mouth guard to prevent any damage to the braces and your teeth. If braces get damaged during sports, it will be expensive to get them fixed. Stay on the safe side by using a mouth guard before taking part in any sports or boxing activity.

Take great care of your teeth and braces by following the right tips and you can pose for the perfect selfie in no time!

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