Common Misconceptions About Cystic Acne Scarring

  • Acne Scars never go away.

A lot of people think acne scars remain forever and there is nothing anybody can do about them. Well, this is not true; one of the most effective acne scar removal method is laser treatment for acne.

  • All acne scars are one and the same

There are different types of acne scars and their appearances vary as well. They can leave behind different colors. The types of acne scars include ice pick scars, rolling scars, hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars and boxcar scars. It is the type of acne scar that a person has that will determine the type of acne scar removal that person will undergo.

  • Acne scars only occur on the face.

Acne scarring can occur on any area of the body on the skin. It is not only a face thing; it could occur on the scalp, shoulders, chest, neck, etc.

  • Dirty skin is the cause of acne and acne scars.

Many people think acne is caused by dirty skin but this is not true. the occurrence or non-occurrence of acne does not have anything to do with how often you wash your face or skin. Acne scars can occur on any type of skin.

  • The only solution is cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery may be the most viable solution for severe cases of acne scars, but there are different ways to approach acne treatment without cosmetic surgery. There are different ointments, medications that can be used.

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