Found The One? How To Propose Meaningfully

How the proposal transpires sometimes comes as a natural act, fueled by the spark of emotional desire. Whereas, other proposals are narrated by a well-planned, time-consuming, yet creative ventures, getting the right one is essential.

A Romantic Meal for Two

Take your partner to the best restaurant in town and propose to her there. You could try arranging something with the staff so that the lights go dim or the engagement ring is brought out to her under a tray filled with flower decorations. If your girlfriend is a shy or reserved person, then it is probably not the best idea to get the focus of the whole restaurant on to you both; you can decide what is best suited to your proposal. The restaurant does not necessarily have to be flashy or expensive. If you have a special restaurant that you usually visit together, then this could be the perfect place for your proposal.

Traditional Way

Another way is to utilise the traditional romantic touches that men have used for years. Things like flowers, handmade candlesmusic, rose petals, candy, stuffed animals, poetry, etc. will all increase the romantic level of your proposal. Use them in moderation and don’t use every single one or else it will feel like overkill. Carefully including a nice touch here or there will impress hermore than you might think.

On The Beach as the Sun Sets

Travel to the happiest place on earth.  White sands, the sun setting on the horizon, the melodic sound of the ocean and you down on one knee; could there be a more picturesque venue for your proposal? Whether you are on a beach in the Maldives or on the South coast of England, proposing on the beach at sunset is a fantastic setting for your proposal. Take your loved one for a romantic stroll along the beach and when you feel that the time is right getting down on one knee and declare your love for her!

Go Fishing

If both of you enjoy fishing, this is one of the creative ways to pop the question. You can prepare your fishing lines and tie the engagement ring securely at the end of one line and hand it over to your girlfriend. Wait for several minutes and then tell her to reel it in. Immediately she sees the ring, untie it, and then present it to her and ask her to marry you.


When you’re done planning the stage for that romantic wedding proposal, make sure you keep it on the hush-hush or risk losing the element of surprise. You want it to be amazingly unique. Something she will want to share with everyone. It is also critical that you make sure you at least have a hint of your girlfriend’s possible answer to that all-important question before you pop it out. If all goes well, the next thing you’ll be planning could be the wedding flowers bridal bouquet for your wedding!

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