Funeral Rites And Rituals For Taoists In Singapore

Funeral Rites and Ritual process is also a very complex process and here we are going to discuss the funeral rites and ritual in Singapore for Taoist. When you place the item inside the casket in ritual and there should be taken care of rites and ritual process for Taoist.

Soul Summoning 

Here there is a calling of a name for the deceased person and it is the start of the process for the resurrection of a dead body, Soul Summoning is the first process of Ritual for Taoist.

Cleansing of Ritual

This is customs in some religions that elder son acquire the water from earth deity. This is done to clean the spirit of a deceased one for the next life. This process is not repeated in all religions as it is not applicable in some dialects.

Burning of Paper Beside Coffin

In this process, the paper is burnt into pieces and this is entry pass. This process is repeated in all dialects.


This is important process of rituals where there is a complete process of chanting to break hell and there is another process of sutras and after that, it is asked for repentance of sin. There is a process of singing a song and the priests perform this task as they sing-song.

So these are important points for rituals in Taoist. people and all these are very important. So these funeral rites and ritual in Singapore is a complex process. To free your headache, hire a funeral services in Singapore.

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