Gold Jewellery Craftmanship In Singapore: What To Know

History of Singapore’s Gold

Gold Jewellery Craftsmanship is similar to the techniques and patterns of Ukrainian’s craftsmanship. The earliest known and recorded archaeological findings in Singapore dates back to the 14th century when the kingdom of Majapahit ruled Singapore.

The design at the gold armlet at Fort Canning Hill is known to be thought to be influenced by the ruling kingdom. The artifacts from Asian civilizations have shaped the development of the material culture of Singapore.

The story of the evolution of Gold Jewellery Craftsmanship in Singapore is not complete without stating the goldsmith’s incredible craft and the goldsmith’s shops. These were popular in the most popular areas, like South Bridge Road.

Some famous artifacts

The earliest gold in Singapore was of Javanese origin. Some gold artifacts by the Singaporeans’ and Gold Jewellery Craftsmanship, which are most famous are:

  1. The ear pendant, ‘Shankha’ is a very famous Gold craft. This has a shell shape and depicts the Hindu Lord- Lord Vishnu.
  2. Kerosang, or brooches were very popular among the Peranakan ladies. They used it to fasten their blouses. This is usually a set of two, liked by a chain. It has diamonds in it, which gives it a bird-like look.
  3. The pendant from the Mayoral Chain of Office is a very famous traditional craft by Singaporeans’ Gold. The Chinese people commissioned it in Singapore. This was to commemorate Singapore’s city status. It read ‘City of Singapore’. This is of great importance to the history of Singapore. This is because it from here that the title of Singapore’s National Anthem has been taken.

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