How To Inspect A Fire Extinguisher & How Often To Do It

As you know, how important fire extinguisher maintenance is. But, how frequently you should go for it is a tricky question. If you do not opt for the fire extinguisher maintenance, there are high chances that your extinguisher would not work when you will need them the most. Thus, it is a really important part of owning a fire extinguisher. Look below for the process of monthly and annually inspection!

Monthly Inspection

  • Make sure the pressure gauge displays fully charged.
  • You need to ensure that nothing blocks the access to fire extinguishers.
  • Check the nozzle or hose against obstructions, tears, or cracks.
  • Make sure the tamper seal and pin are intact.
  • Examine the lever or handle for any damage.
  • You need to check if dry powder chemical is suspending freely inside the cylinder.
  • Look after the inspection tag if updated and attached.
  • You have to notice leaks, chemical deposits, dents, or other signs of wear or abuse.

Annually Inspection

  • A fire suppression system by CO2 does not need 5-year service but they need to be hydrostatically-examined after every 10 years.
  • A fire suppression system with clean gas needs a full inside inspection of the complete unit after every 5 years. It is even required when they miss the annual inspection.
  • In the maintenance procedure, the fire extinguishing unit will be removed and replaced if needed.
  • Portable fire extinguishers need to be tagged and inspected on a yearly basis.

Now, you are all set to contact the service of fire extinguisher maintenance Singapore.

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