How To Pick The Right Shape Of Side Table For Your Home

Sometimes, small pieces pose the biggest impact. It is quite true for a side table. People keep a side table next to a bed, armchair, or sofa usually as a decorating afterthought. But, side tables are a stunning versatile furniture piece. Originally, a side table was used to serve beverages. Keeping that thing in mind, we have come up with four creative ways to use side tables.

  1. Use as a bookshelf

It is not a bad idea to sink into your bed and read a great book. If you love the idea, treat side tables as miniature bookshelf. Here, you will have all the books you require right by your bedside.

  1. Keep them in a bathroom

Earlier, side tables were used as chamber pots in bathrooms. It featured a drawer to hide the sight of a pot. However, this is not what you need a side table for in modern bathrooms. Use them to place guest towels and to keep flannels.

  1. Transform them into a bar

Side tables work perfectly as temporary bars, where you can place them in your dining or sitting room. Choose a side table with shelves to keep your entire bar accessories.

  1. Balance a room

The very popular way to use side tables is to keep the matching one on the sides of a bed or 2 seater sofa. It offers an excellent method to balance out a room.  It offers a nice symmetry and completes the entire look of a room. Shop for side tables at a furniture shop in Singapore NOW!

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