How You Can Utilise Both Your Physical & Intellectual Skills

A chess game or a game like an Escape room in Singapore requires more intelligence instead of physical strength from a participant. But, there are games that require you to use both your brains and bronze.

Through this article, you will find a number of games that require you to display your physical capability and your intelligence.

Dodge ball

Just as the name suggests, this game is about making sure that you don’t get hit by the ball that is thrown at you. You will need physical strength for you to jump from one place to another dodging the ball.

You have to be keen and use your brain to anticipate the next place that your opponent might throw the ball and avoid it. This game will leave both your body and mind exercised and fully alert. It can be played by all age groups as long as they are physically and mentally fit.

If you are nursing an injury, then you should definitely sit this game out. It is an ideal game if you want to work both your brain and body while having fun.


This sport requires you to walk without falling on a strip of the web that looks like rope. The rope or web is usually raised above the ground and tied at the ends between two trees or anchors.

In this game, you will need to be mentally focused up til the end of the game to beat it. It requires you to balance yourself every single step carefully and this will ultimately give your body a great workout in the process. It may seem terrifying at first but don’t be scared about trying out this sport because you will be guided on the site by qualified instructors and they can even walk with you as you tackle it.

This is one of the sports or activities that you and your loved one can undertake when you are in Singapore. Your mental and physical prowess will definitely be put to the test. As tough as it may sound, once you have completed walking on the full length of strip you will feel incredibly proud.

Moreover, this is an excellent spot for people who want to have proper postures. However, it may also be dangerous if you are not mentally or physically ready for it, so make sure you take the appropriate measures before you venture into it.

Paddleboarding while standing up

Paddling is the act of moving through a water body with poles that have broad blades. Usually, this is done with a person while sitting in a canoe.

Now you can imagine doing the same activity, except that you have to stand on a board instead. You have to put your physical strength in use so that you can be able to move, while your mental strength is needed to focus and navigate on the water.

Take note that this doesn’t just happen automatically, so you have to ease into it slowly. You usually start with paddling while kneeling on the board and gradually gain the confidence and stamina to stand up.

All in all, it shows that when you combine both your brain and physical strength together, you can jolly well enjoy awesome games and sports. While it is great to have a blast while doing a complete body and mind workout, you should make sure to not overwork yourself and get ample rest when needed.

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