Learning The Chinese & Japanese Language: Business Benefits

With Chinese and Japanese businesses dominating the global business landscape in today’s day and age, it really comes as no surprise at all that in the corporate world, these are some of the most widely used languages.

This in turn implies a very strong demand among professionals to get well versed with these languages since they know that doing so is likely to give their own professional careers quite a boost.

Large Chinese and Japanese businesses

Major Japanese corporations like Honda, Sony, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and so on are already very well known around the world. Today, Chinese companies are also making their presence felt in a big way. Take online entities like Tencent and Alibaba which have clearly made a very big name for them in the tech world.

The global presence of these companies has meant a beeline of foreigners making it to Headquarters of these companies and/or interacting with executives of these companies when they visit their native countries. Across either of these scenarios, knowing Chinese and Japanese really proves fruitful. Which is why taking up Japanese and Chinese classes in Singapore will definitely go a long way.

Can be difficult to learn on your own

For a lot of languages, we find folks somehow managing to teach themselves. For instance, many non-natives have self-taught Spanish to themselves with surprisingly effective results. In the case of Chinese and Japanese though, it is certainly a lot harder though!

This aspect is especially true for busy professionals for whom time is a significant premium. Taking mandarin classes for instance would be a much easier proposition than trying to learn Mandarin entirely on their own.

Cultural curiosity

Besides obvious professional compulsions such as interacting with company executives from these countries, there is also a sense of cultural curiosity that creeps in. To give you an example, folks working in overseas divisions of Chinese and Japanese companies are especially very curious about the cultures where these companies originate.

This aspect is particularly visible here in Singapore where there is a veritable presence of both Chinese and Japanese businesses. This keenness to familiarise with Chinese and Japanese cultures has in turn egged a lot of folks to take up classes.


There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that when it comes to professionals, a lot of them are taking up Chinese and Japanese lessons. They have clearly seen a wide array of benefits that arise from doing so, and therefore are leaving no stone unturned in that quest.

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