Making The Choice: Is A-Level Or IB Better For You?

Is Singapore IB diploma programme better than A-levels? You should know its answer if you want your child to be recognized by a prestigious university.

Should You Go for International Baccalaureate or A-Levels?

The A-Levels are globally considered as the “gold standard” of exams for a long time in education by many experts. According to a recent study conducted by Daily Mail, the A-level’s credibility is under observation since it was found that any Singapore IB diploma programme is academically better and is superior academically. It has been a new gold standard to guaranteed entry to a recognized international school Singapore.

For the first time, International Baccalaureate has given similar importance to A-level by a new tariff system developed by The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in Britain. A news report reveals that the IB score of 38 points off 45 can be achieved easily by over 200 candidates in a year at a leading British school and holds equal importance to five A grades of A-level.

The IB score of 40 points are usually demanded by leading universities like Cambridge and Oxford, which is similar to 5 and a half A-level grades. Even a decent 35 points’ score of IB is similar to 4 and a half A grades.

For those who don’t know, an International Baccalaureate is an international academic programme founded in the year 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland. The IB works with more than 3000 schools in 147 nations offering IB courses to over 1,166,000 students worldwide.

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