Outlets For Grief That Don’t Require Speaking About It

Everyone copes with grief in their own way. While it may appear that talk-focused support is commonly recommended, there are other forms of grief coping that one can employ. If the grieving person prefers to remain taciturn about their grief, there are other healthy outlets for them to process their own experiences. After all, it is crucial to understand that there is no right or wrong way to deal with grief. There is no coping method that can suit everyone’s needs.

There is often a misunderstanding that those who cope in silence are those that bottle up their emotions and try to avoid confronting with the reality of the death. Contrary to what many might have in their mind, seeking outlets that do not require the person to talk it out might often prove to be successful.

If you are one such person, here are some grief coping methods you can use without you having to say a single word.

  • Journaling / Writing

One of the most underutilised coping skill, journaling requires just a pen and paper (or a tablet or a computer). It is simple yet effective. By creating a daily routine of writing down your thoughts, you create a healthy outlet for the release of emotions and grief. It may feel intimidating and excruciating to write about things that have weighed down on but once you manage to use journaling effectively, you can start to reap its therapeutic benefits! Through grief journal, you can overcome experiential avoidance, which is the attempt to suppress or numb out any emotions, thoughts and memories that are linked to pain.

Consistent practice of journaling and writing can enhance your outlook, motivation and wellbeing in life. You can journaling prompts online if you are keen!

  • Photography

Another tool that works wonders in tackling grief, photography helps to unleash a creative potential you might not have knew was already there! In the process of creating an image, you can reflect on your emotional and psychological state. Most of the time, one can observe their state of mind through the images and artworks they produce for it is subconsciously manifested through symbolism.

Photography can act as a meditative outlet for you. You can also embark on it with your friends or family! By pushing yourself to go out there and capture the moments around you in picture form, you will naturally find yourself in an improved state of wellbeing.

  • Reading

Sometimes, books make good company in place of people. Reading lets you discover more about yourself while you heal from the loss of a loved one. Reading about other grief experiences can also normalise and validate yours. Educating yourself about grief theory can enhance your knowledge and processing abilities of it. This makes grief something less abstract and not as overwhelming.

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