Pandemic Essentials To Gift Your Clients During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic introducing new challenges all across the globe, priorities of consumers have shifted. Companies also need to adjust the way they interact with their clients accordingly, including their corporate gift choices. Pandemic essentials are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional suite of corporate gifts such as custom button pins, due to their increasing relevance to everyday life.

If your company’s corporate gifts can help keep your clients safe, the benefits will be two-fold. Not only will your branding be enhanced, so will your customer satisfaction. Here are 5 useful ideas for corporate gifts in Singapore to aid your clients amidst the pandemic.

Reusable face mask

Since it is currently mandatory to wear a face mask in public, a reusable mask will no doubt be welcome for any client. Even though they may already have their own reusable mask, those who leave the house often may need spares for several reasons. For instance, their mask may not have dried after being washed the night before, or they may want a backup in case their first one breaks.

If you want your corporate gift mask to be used often, it has to be of high-quality in multiple aspects. For starters, it has to look good. Merely printing your company logo on the front may not be sufficient. A unique aesthetic design or subtle branding would go a long way in encouraging usage. A comfortable mask would similarly benefit the clients, as they would have to wear it for hours on end. Finally, it has to be easily washable for added convenience. Materials like cotton and polyester are perfect for these purposes. Check out our customised reusable face mask and antibacterial face mask today and explore all kinds of interesting printing options!

Face shield

Face shields are a great alternative for those who struggle to wear a mask for long periods. There are three main groups of people who are allowed to wear a face shield in replacement of a mask: Children twelve years and below, those with health conditions that could result in breathing difficulties, and lecturers.

It is especially useful for young children because unlike a mask, the shield does not press against the face. As such, it is much more comfortable for children to wear and reduces the chance that they touch their face, or take off the protective gear. If you do not want to go through the trouble of washing them, there are also single-use options on sale. 

Mask storage box

Whether your clients prefer using reusable or single-use masks, many would want to bring along a few spares. After all, it can be rather easy to break some disposable masks and to misplace the reusable ones. With an accessible and compact container to store all their spare masks, your clients will never be left frantically searching for a replacement.

Touch tool

Touch tools are plastic or metal contraptions that help you to press buttons or turn hinges without touching them directly. This is highly valuable for those who are constantly on the move and do not have much time to wash their hands constantly. By placing another layer of separation between themselves and these frequently-touched surfaces, they are better able to keep themselves safe while going about their day.

Sterilisation box

With cutting-edge technology, you can now sterilise your small items on the go. A sterilisation box is a small portable pouch that uses UV light to kill germs. Even if your clientele is not particularly tech-savvy, they will have no issue using this foolproof product. All your clients need to do is to place their items in the box, close it, and press a button.

This works for all sorts of items, including masks, keys, phones, glasses, and watches. Some even double as a portable charger with wireless charging capabilities. No matter their age, occupation, or background, any client would be grateful to receive such a practical corporate gift.


Nothing is more important than health and safety. In these trying times, clients are very likely to appreciate pandemic essentials as corporate gifts, which can help keep themselves and their families safe. You can also pair these gifts with traditional corporate gifts to further improve customer satisfaction.

We offer several high-quality corporate gifts and printing services, including tissue packet printing, customised coaster printing, umbrella printing, and pen printing. Whatever your corporate gift needs may be, we will do our best to provide. Explore more ideas on more kinds of pandemic corporate gifts with us today.

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