Planning 101: How to Ensure an Efficient Warehouse

The question lies: what makes an efficient warehouse? Is the reason being having the top range of modern equipment and technology? Or is it due to having a harmonious and highly-qualified team that works like a well-oiled machine? Perhaps it is an efficient layout that utilizes space efficiently and makes it possible for smooth operations.

Whichever is your pick, these factors play a role in increasing the efficiency of a warehouse. This article explores some of the considerations to be made in mind when planning for an efficient warehouse.

1. Sufficient clear height

A part of efficiency is also optimizing the available space in a warehouse, so you are making the most out of the rented space. The clear stack height is useable to store products, inventory and supplies within racking and shelving. It is good to know your max pallet height and how many pallets in total you are planning to store, so you have sufficient clear height. This allows you to have far more product storage capacity.

2. Excellent Internet connectivity

The warehouse is an essential and integral part of the modern-day business. Information is streamed across the organization in real-time, enabling crucial management decisions. On the other hand, modern technologies like warehouse management systems (WMS) and inventory management systems are only as powerful as the Internet connectivity you have. Knowing accurate and crucial data can help suggest the best methods for picking or put-away, improving the efficiency of your processes. This is a valuable consideration to have especially if you are looking for a warehouse for rent.

Having an ancillary office can help support your operations. Our property at 18 New Industrial Rd provides warehouse office rental for warehousing activities while offering a professional corporate image as compared to a full-fledged office space. With accessibility near Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway, this 6-storey B1 industrial is also close to Bartley & Tai Seng MRT stations for convenient daily commute. Unit sizes range from 452 to 906 sqft and furnished with window, aircon, and lights for most units. Facilities include 24-hour access & CCTV, 20-footer access, 2 loading bays, parking space (complimentary for the 1st lot).

3. Ample lighting and HVAC systems

As much as warehouses are designated primarily for storing products, they are also workspaces for your employees, especially in pick zones and assembly. A dimly lit, hot and poorly ventilated warehouse will not just be an unfavourable environment for your team to work in, but it may not be the best condition for the stored products.

Proper lighting and ventilation in a warehouse contribute to productivity and efficiency for employees. Bright lighting can help workers to read pick documents and racking labels efficiently, and ensure they navigate around the warehouse safely.

4. Skilled workforce

How the warehouse is able to operate smoothly depends on the workforce. There are various jobs that fall under a mixture of skilled and semi-skilled categories. For example, you should have a skilled team that can operate machinery and equipment, and another that can process orders quickly and efficiently.

The focus lies in increasing work-related skills so you can improve operational efficiency. Provide training opportunities to upgrade their skills and knowledge so they can be a valued part of the team and an asset to the warehouse.

5. Aim for continuous improvement

Efficiency is an ongoing journey. While you may have achieved your targeted goal this month, continuous measurement and monitoring of performance should remain a practice. Adjust your warehouse operations accordingly to keep up with any changes in your business. Aside from focusing on short-term improvements, set goals and objectives so you can measure against them consistently.

Getting an office warehouse for rent can support your business’ ability to operate both functions efficiently. Our property at Tuas Vista offers a range of units suitable for factory, warehouse and ancillary office in Singapore, spanning from 658 sqft to 3,821 sqft. Located in the Tuas district, it is surrounded by factories and industrial plants with accessibility via AYE and Tuas West Road MRT station. Tuas checkpoint is also nearby for easy commute. Facilities include 24-hour access, 3 loading bays, 2 cargo lifts, and season parking.

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