Possible Team Building Activities For Better Communication

The creativity in indoor team building activities in limitless, making indoor ideas the best option for you. Singapore is also best placed for indoor team building programs. There are sporty, fun and mind involving activities that can be used to improve communication, team coordination and still act as a way to have a break from the daily work routine. Here are amazing activities to consider.

Cooking Challenge

There are many companies that offer cooking challenges tailored to team building programs. The teams are taught to prepare a certain meal them tasked with doing it within a specific time frame. You can even choose to go for a baking competition. The team that can complete the challenge in the limited time wins. At the end of the tasks, everyone can enjoy the delicious meals that have been prepared. This activity encourages collaboration and creativity, very important aspects of a successful team building program.

Video Games

There are video game arcades in Singapore with well-programmed video games to favour team building activities. The teams work together by strategising and planning the best way to win different video games. There are facilitators in these showrooms that guide and also assist in ensuring everyone is entertained. In some of the best arcade in Orchard, these video games can improve creativity and teamwork, not to mention a ton of fun.

Escape Room Expeditions

There are amazing places in Singapore where you can have teams complete exciting and breath-taking missions in escape rooms. These missions have different themes, and you can choose the best one that complements your group. This activity encourages effective communication, collaboration and the ability to overcome challenges as a group.

Music Band

Music Band is one of the Singapore team building games indoor activities to consider. It involves employees being divided into band groups and performing to the other colleagues. There are some professional facilitators that guide the teams into playing the instruments and coordinating the performances. You can even participate in 313 karaoke sessions. The best performers get awards, and everyone gets the photos to remind them of their time on stage. The activity is fun and encourages communication and teamwork.

Bike Making

It is almost everyone’s dream to own a bike when they were kids. This activity involves everyone getting the opportunity to fully and correctly assemble a brand new bicycle. The puzzle is to identify the different nuts and bolts and use the different tools effectively as a team. Each team is provided with the necessary resources and given a specific time to complete the task before inspection. This activity encourages creativity, planning and group work.

Drama Challenge

This artistic idea involves employees being divided into teams and tasked with coming up with a short skit to entertain colleagues. The themes to be acted can relate to the company’s norms and values or any other creative idea. The activity is fun and encourages collaboration, communication and bonding.

The beauty and vibrant nature of Singapore are what makes it the best place to go for team building activities. There are companies with facilities where you can well undertake the above indoor team building ideas.

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