Regain Your Youth With 3 Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Acne can leave noticeable scars on the skin. These are not entirely permanent. There are special treatments for the aesthetic improvement of the marks caused by acne. These can be both homemade and supervised and dictated by doctors.

Acne scar removal treatments such as subcision do not require the reinforcement of other additional treatments. However, there is the possibility of applying treatments simultaneously to eliminate scars. Here are 3 of the best most used treatments to remove scars:

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the best processes for cleansing the skin and removing scars. This can be done by laser or by the application of chemical compounds. Both of these methods improve the aesthetic appearance. The chemical peel consists of applying formulated chemical compounds on the skin.

The reaction caused by chemical compounds generates the detachment of a superficial layer of skin. This greatly reduces the complex of acne scars and marks.

  • Collagen application

Collagen is applied with the main objective of expanding the skin system. This is injected into the skin. The stretching effect reduces sagging caused by fibrous tracts. With this method, the scars become less noticeable. The implementation of collagen is a treatment that must be renewed periodically.

  • Excision

Like subcision, excision is a surgical treatment. This must be done strictly by a specialized doctor. It consists on the application of skin in the sinkings, fastened with sutures. The disappearance of scars is notable, however, it is seen in a period of time longer than that of the subcision.

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