Showflat Viewings: Important Things You Should Look Out For

Before and when you visit a showflat, you need to have a few tips in hand ready to help you through the process. A showflat can tell you about a lot about your potential home – from its interior, facilities, and amenities available nearby the condominium. There will even be staff stationed at the showflat to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

In essence, when you manage to spot the right things at a showflat or have the right questions answered – you’ll understand if the condominium is well-suited for you and your lifestyle. Below, we have put together five of the main things to consider or keep an eye out for during a showflat viewing.

Look at the entire space

A small or cramped condominium space is not the most ideal choice; especially if you’re moving in with the rest of your family members. Henceforth, it’s important to take a close look at the spaces.

Moreover, the government has set up rules in which developers have to show exactly where the walls located at, and how thick they are. The majority of developers will demarcate the room with tape to create more space than the actual apartment size. So, be sure to look out for such details and ensure the showflat matches with the blueprint layout or floorplan.

A standard bedroom should accommodate a queen-sized bed easily. However, ensure there is enough space left over for you to move about or store other personal belongings in your room. If you notice that the space available is less than a metre for you to walk around comfortably – opt for a larger unit instead. For instance, the Starlight Suites condo is able to offer 1-Bedroom units at 560 sqft up to 4-Bedroom Penthouse units at 3,401 sqft. Select the 3-Bedroom or 4-Bedroom Penthouse if you have a slightly large family.

Consider lighting

Due to the number of artificial lights in a showflat which makes it permanently bright – it can be hard to know where and how much natural light the apartment will get.

In that case, you will need to take a close look at the size of the windows and where they’re located at. Afterwards, use your own judgement to roughly estimate the amount of light that will get into the house when the project finally comes to a completion.

Try looking from unit to unit – so you can settle on the one which gives you plenty of sunlight. Otherwise, you’ll have to either go for another unit or do some artificial lighting shopping to give your future home enough lighting.

Check the electrical equipment

You should do a proper check on all electrical equipment inside the condominium including sockets.

Certain electrical equipment may come included with the completed unit, whereas some others may not. This will help you to decide whether you will need to add any electrical equipment into your list as you’re out purchasing. At the same time, you need to make sure that all of the sockets are in excellent condition, and there is a sufficient number of sockets available.

Rooms, where you need to check for power sockets, include the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Though they can be installed after the apartment is officially completed, it’d be good to do a thorough check beforehand so you don’t have to foot any extra costs.

Give the interior doors a check

Some developers tend to cut costs when it comes to the doors. You need to check all of the doors of the apartment to make sure that they are in a tip-top condition.

As you open the doors, they should swing smoothly, and should not have any hollow sounds as you knock on them. Particularly for smaller units, having doors of top-notch quality is important for privacy to be maintained and to lessen the noise from entering the rooms.

At the same time, you should equally note any scratches or stains and notify the developer. That way, you will ensure that the doors for your home are in top quality without damages; you wouldn’t have to put aside extra money for additional touch-ups or reconstruction.

Identify any odd corners

Having the standard layouts are much more sought-after by most Singaporeans – due to the fact in which they aid in the placement of furniture and flow better.

Certain design tricks may be used tp to ‘diminish’ the appearance of such odd dead corners by using vases and plants to cover up the space or hide it using a partition.

This fact applies especially to believers of Feng Shui. Developers do take this into consideration and make arrangements to the layout. However, some condo units do not keep this in mind, and this may impact resale potential later on. Keep a lookout for sharp, triangular edges or corners. Other signs of bad energy, known as Sha, include bathroom facing the front door, and a long, narrow hallway.

When it comes to buying a new condo unit, paying close attention while you’re viewing a showflat is especially important. If you haven’t settled on a condominium, you can consider checking out condos in River Valley. Layout and facilities aside, the neighbourhood is surrounded by various amenities which you can enjoy as a future resident.

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