Some Ways You Can Pay Tribute To The Decreased Notably

Losing a loved one is never easy. Each person mourns in their own way and at their own pace and time. Grief itself is an experience that may become a part of the mourner’s life. It is not possible to know when the pain might return suddenly, if it does. No matter how one might be able to cope or process those intense emotions, grief is simply part of the experience of being human.

For some people, an important part of the process of grief is to pay tribute to the deceased. Memorialising a loved one is a healthy approach in dealing with their absence. People all over the Internet have discovered innovative and creative ideas to turn whatever that is left behind into memorials of their loved ones.

One interesting tribute that has began trending in recent times is the idea of tattoos. Symbolism, colour and design merges together to create a memorial piece that represents the loss of a loved one and the pain and sorrow of the mourner. Ink becomes a medium to translate the history and the narrative of a life that once was. Whether it is words that they have said or a visual depiction of their character, the art form of tattooing gives the mourner a creative opportunity to express their grief.

It does not just stop there. Ink becomes permanent with the cells of skin, giving rise to a poetic relationship between life and death. Those who bear the tattoo thus carry around with them a permanent keepsake. It acts as a constant and daily acknowledgement of all the associations and memories one may have with the deceased. These aspects of the deceased will be forever with the mourner.

Whenever someone should ask what the tattoo means or is about, the significance of the loved one becomes invoked into the present. Their passing is no longer something stuck of the past, to be remained in the past tense. It becomes part of the mourner’s everyday living.

Another unique way of honouring the memory of a deceased loved one is creating memorial jewellery. It might be something the person actually wore when they were alive. It might even incorporate the cremated remains. It is fairly common for daughters, for instance, to wear something from their mother (like a brooch or a ring) during their wedding.

Not only is it tangible, jewellery serves as a process of beautification of the memories and associations that relate to the deceased. Grieving need not necessarily be a portrait of fatigue, sadness and stress. Often times, beauty of the item inspires and commemorates the beauty of the loved one. Holding these pieces helps one find solace, even if it is months or years down the road.

Other ways of tribute include photography, writing elegies, as well as planting a memorial garden.

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