The 5 Subjects Singaporean Students Get Most Tutored For

There are plenty of reasons for a student to get tutored in a particular subject.

It can be that they’re having difficulty understanding particular areas, need help catching up or because they to be ahead.

But, while all subjects are equally challenging in their own ways, others are simply more popular with tutors.

Below are five of the most common subjects’ students get tutored in across all levels:

1. Maths

Very often, students will tell you that maths give them a particularly hard time, and for a good reason. The subject matter requires much concentration.

Not to mention, when handled by a particularly ineffective instructor, maths can easily be even more difficult and complicated than it should be. Even when a student doesn’t have any difficulty in maths, it can still be beneficial to have them tutored in the subject, so they don’t struggle once they get older.

2. Physics

There’s a reason why you’ve been hearing of that physics tuition centre near your area.

Physics, much like maths, is a challenging subject that requires thorough analysis and thought logic. It is also a subject that only increases in difficulty through the higher levels.

An excellent tutor can help fix that. They can help break down complex concepts into something more manageable and easier to understand.

3. English

English is the world’s lingua franca – the most common language in the world.

It only makes sense for parents to want their children to get tutored in English because a high competency in English prepares a child for globalization. Plus, it also makes it easier for them to be employed across the world.

4. Chemistry

Similar to both maths and physics, chemistry is an important subject that teaches students the importance of problem-solving, research, as well as analysis, and logic.

As chemistry in the higher levels can be quite complicated, private tutors can help make it easier for students to grasp the more challenging parts of the subjects.

Chemistry tutors also serve as a guide through areas that they are having a hard time with while preparing them for future, more difficult topics.

5. Biology

Despite biology not typically considered as a complicated subject matter compared to the rest, it remains one of the most popular subjects students get tutored in across all levels.

Why? This is because of how difficult biology can be at times to different students.

It is a subject that challenges the need for you to comprehend and memorize all minute details of every living thing on our planet. Be it from us humans to animals, plants, and even just the Earth itself.

Hiring a private tutor or enrolling your child in a tuition centre could make the difference between ensuring they have an excellent career down the line or them struggling to find a job in an ever-growing competitive job market.

Focusing on these five subjects will help set your child on a better path. Not only of receiving an outstanding education but also, achieving a flourishing career.

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