The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Having Your Wedding Indoors

When it comes to plan a wedding, most of the couples often confuse between indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Singapore. If you want to get married in Singapore wedding ballrooms, you need to consider its pros and cons –

Indoor Weddings

You may have a dream to have your wedding ceremony at a country club you have visited with your family for years or in your house of worship. Nevertheless, if you are not that religious or you are not a ballroom bride by nature, you may not want to choose an indoor venue. However, if you are the first kind of person, here are some of the major pros and cons –


No worries about weather conditions – If you are going for indoor weddings, you do not have to go with unpredictable weather. Rainy forecasts or unwanted temperatures cannot take a toll on your plans.

Cozy and intimate – When all the guests are called into one room, the event feels more pleasing. You can also avoid outside distractions like traffic noise that can interrupt your reception toasts or ceremony.

Endless décor options – There is no lack of décor options in an indoor venue, as per the regulations of the venue. Display cute decorations, reception candles, and stunning centrepieces without worrying about the wind.


Limited space – You can change the decorations, but not the size. Safety restrictions and space limitations may limit the number of guests you want to call.

Decoration expenses – Flowers and décor do not come cheap to fill a blank space.

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