The Breakdown Of The Types Of Animation

The animation is moving pictures that can reflect the real-life and original motions of any object. These pictures can tell the story it is a great way to tell the original story.

The effect of animation can be completed with images. These images move over sequentially. You can see the popularity of animation all over the world including Singapore.

There are different types of animation,

1.     Traditional Animation

This is the most useful and important type of animation. It is used for the long term process. There is a need of time and energy for this process. You can see the application of traditional animation in different famous movies like Tom and Jerry.

2.     2D Animation

2D Animation is also similar that work on the vectors. There is a main difference between traditional animation and 2D animation. In 2D animation, there is no use of manually drawings as you can see the adobe animate and flash in 2D animation.

3.     3D Animation

3D Animation is the most popular type of animation as you can see it’s used in modern movies. There is a need for advanced software. The artist should be talented and capable of using all technical tools.

4.     Animation through Motion Graphics

The Motion Graphics are other types of animations where you can see the graphical elements. You can see the uses of motion graphics n film titles, entertainment videos, and animated logos.

5.     Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is another method that is very famous as you can see the different kinds of stop motion animation.

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