Things That Can Happen To Your Hair Due To The Weather

Hair is one of the most attractive parts of our body. Whether you’re going to a beach or visiting a hill station, you want your hair to look perfect in any situation. But with the weather changes, the state of hair also changes. The main three kinds of weather, summer, monsoon, and winter, have a very different impact on our hair. Aesthetic clinic Singapore may help you having nourishing hair in any season. Let’s see how they affect our hair.

  • Summer:

The scorching heat of the sun damages hair immensely with dehydrating our hair. In summer, our scalps become wet with sweat, and that causes intense hair fall. The heat of the sun makes our hair dull and dry, with UV ray further changing the color of your hair.

  • Winter:

Winter deprives all the moisture of our hair, which makes our hair frizzy and dry, creating split ends. This is also when our scalps become very dry and cause dandruff. It is recommended to use a well moisturizing shampoo to keep our scalp clean and healthy.

  • Monsoon:

Too much of humidity in the air during the rainy season makes scalps oily and greasy. It leads to a lot of hair loss. Once you wash your hair, the humid air doesn’t let it dry so easily.


Facing hair problems can be a regular affair if you do not have access to the right treatment. Hair Transplant Singapore can help you to get gorgeous and shinning hair.

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