Top Reasons Why English Is A Global Language

English is the universal language for all; travelling to France and don’t know French? Don’t worry! Speak in English instead, and this stands true for all other countries as well. In this article, we will be looking at the top reasons why English is considered a universal language.

English is the Language of Business

We can’t deny the strong presence of the global economy all around the world. Large organisations have spread their wings all over the world, thus, knowing a language that is known by all is important, and in this case, it’s English.

Domination of Hollywood

Hollywood movies are considered big, though they can’t beat the regional movies that are made in China, Russia, France, and many other countries. Let’s face it; no matter what corner of the world you live in, you must be watching, or at least have watched Hollywood movies. So, if you really want to understand what you are watching, rather than watching movies with subtitles or dubbed over voices, learn English.

The Original Language of Literature in English

If you are a fan of reading, then being proficiently in the language is important. English literature is a vast field that consists of various genres and era-specified terms that you need a strong grasp of the language to understand. It is an exciting and definitely an intriguing reason why English is the universal language.

English is a Simple Language

If you think that English is a difficult language, then you need to know that it’s a relatively simpler language to learn compared to many other languages. There are many levels to learning the language: from basic to the more advanced levels. If that’s not enough, there are many professional courses for individuals looking to learn English for the purpose of business. Start slowly and progress forward; eventually, you’ll learn it well.

Versatile Language

English is a very versatile language. By far the language with the largest vocabulary, English is a combination of many languages, most of which are extinct now, such as Latin. English, in itself, has many different forms of speaking, like slang, formal, informal and conversational English.

Will English stay the universal language?

This is the million-dollar question. While we cannot predict the future, looking at facts alone, history suggests otherwise. For thousands of years’, Latin was one of the most influential languages of Europe, however now, it is only spoken by scholars and priests. On the other hand, looking at the popularity of the language, it is unlikely that English will lose its charm anytime soon.

As you have seen, English is a very important language as it is used in all aspects of life. If you struggle with the language and want to fully master it to perfection, join SkillsFuture English courses in Singapore. There’s a course designed just for you; crash course, basic course or a more advanced course, you can find it all. Enrol now and learn the universal language of the world within days.

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