Transforming The Clutches Of Grief Into Newfound Strength

Losing anybody to the unknown realm of death is a devastating blow to one’s life. It could be a parent. It could be an animal companion. It could be someone you used to work with on a daily basis. The sudden absence is bound to have its effect on one’s lifestyle and might even shift the outlook one has on life. It can be truly difficult and tough to get through such a period. Pain seems intense and overwhelming, sometimes even blinding. Grim reminders of mortality and the inevitable, irreversible end might start to cloud one’s judgment. Oftentimes, people who are deep in grief and mourning will unconsciously spiral into their own negative emotions.

But all hope is never lost. The pain of grief is a valid and natural reaction to death. No matter what humans do, there is no true escape or stop to feeling intensely and painfully about losing someone you know and/or love to circumstances out of our mortal reach.

Grief is a universal experience but it should not let us stop living or give up on everything. In fact, it is more useful to take grief and use it as a weapon. A tool to motivate and drive us forward together. We must not let the pain become something that cripples us and shackle us down.

How can we start to turn our pain into power?

For starters, grief is integral in the process of knowing death. Upon knowing death, we know how to sincerely cherish life and not take things for granted. As we remember and honour the memories of those who have already passed on, we should also continue to make new memories with those around us. Invigorate these moments and experiences with passion and vibrancy. Make every minute count.

We might never know when is our last day with our loved ones. As such, living without regrets will not only usher in joy and contentment into your daily life, but also act as a soothing balm for the soul. Gratitude is an excellent way to honour the departed, and also cope with the grief.

Moving forward, we understand that grief can be a lonely challenge. But it need not be so. Hurt people tend to hurt others. It is important to reach out to others who are also mourning. Collectively, we can overcome pain.

Empathy is key. Dr Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Being kind and understanding of one another’s plight will make the grieving process easier for everyone. No one can truly know what one is going through on the inside, but we can be empathetic human beings. We can be sensitive and thoughtful about our language and our actions.

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