Trying To Achieve Your Ideal Bust Size? Try Fat Grafting!

For best breast augmentation, fat cells that survive the transfer are permanent which is not the case for implants. Often, most people will have their implants removed for various reasons. For instance, implants can rupture, move, or appear different as the body ages whereas fat grafting tends to remain relatively consistent.

Fat Grafting Over Implants

When considering breast augmentation plastic surgery, it is important that you factor in your age. For those in their 50s and are considering getting breast implants, be sure to consider the likelihood of having them removed after 15 to 20 years – obviously, as we age, the risks of plastic surgery keep increasing. However, when it comes to fat grafting this is not the case.

In addition, you will benefit from having liposuction since, the fat will come from somewhere for you to get an ‘asset redistribution’.

How long do fat grafting results last?

Fat cells that survives this transfer and attach themselves to a supply of blood are permanent. This is your tissue provided the fat cells survives the transfer, they will be integrated into your recipient site. Usually, there are few rejection issues because the transferred tissues are actually harvested from your body.

Where can I get fat grafting done in Singapore? How do I know it’s safe?

When done properly, fat grafting is a safe procedure. Since it’s still a surgical procedure, it has certain underlying risks. And like any other medical procedure, it is important to undergo the fat grafting procedure from a well-trained best fat grafting surgeon. Be sure to check against the licensed best fat grafting surgeon in Singapore to ascertain your doctor is authorized to perform this procedure.

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