Understanding Color & Ink Options In T-shirt Printing

Color selection is a major part of t-shirt printing.  Color is the powerful element of a design, and it is also applicable for the t-shirt design. The best design and printing should have a perfect color combination. An instant choice may be imperfect and not fit the color mechanism. It is better to choose a reflective design based on the t-shirt’s color.  Each inch of the design should contain the emotion and output of it. And the color will provide you this reflection on the design. Trying with any shortcut design may hamper the purpose of printing. So let’s see the effect and importance of color while you are printing t-shirt in Singapore.

Understanding Color: There are two sets of color in t-shirt design and printing: one is Fabric Color, and another one is Print Color. To get a smooth printing make sure that these two complement each other. Before printing always use to apply fabric color as the background color of the design. And make sure that you have commanded accurately to the printer because colored canvas has an impact on inks. Besides, the way t-shirt inks produce, printing color can get a little change on the surface.

Consider These Ink Option: First Plastisol, it is the ink for using standard quality screen printing. Next one is. Fiol it may be used for shiny and reflective designs. Then, you can use High-density on a dimensional look that flips out from the t-shirt.

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