Ways To Take Your Restaurant’s Technology To The Next Level

Today, an increasing amount of restaurants are warming up to the benefits of upgrading. Having your restaurant listed in the directory of Singapore may be a good sign, but it takes a lot more to stand out in this competitive industry.

From adapting payment technology to improving user interaction, we take a look at four ways to up your eatery’s technology game.

Adapting Payment Technology

With the recent cashless movement, customers are starting to rely more on other new e-payment methods including DBS PayLah! and Apple Pay. This cashless system caters to the younger diners who prefer to do everything with their phone. However, it is important to not eliminate cash completely, as older customers with higher spending power may still be more comfortable paying the old way.

Adopting Automation

By using a tablet to place orders, it can improve the speed and quality of customer service. Diners no longer need to catch the eye of a passing waiter – a difficult task especially during peak hours. Not to mention, automation can reduce manpower costs as well. Talk to your Singapore kitchen equipment supplier about possible new machines to bring in!

Introducing the CRM Software

Restaurants who do not use the right customer relationship management (CRM) software are missing out. With the right tools, it is possible to keep tabs on everything that’s happening in the restaurant – from the types of customers to the meals they usually order to the biggest tippers. These information can be extremely useful for improving the business when gathered and analysed. This is why having an upgraded software is so important as it adds value to the data and can help improve your business down the line.

Improving User Interaction

While it is uncommon to find televisions in dining establishments, the feature itself is no longer enough to pique the interest of customers today. A good step up from this is to give customers the choice to order directly from the table, to improve the overall dining experience of the customers.

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