What Can You Benefit From Getting Clear Braces

A confident smile can make you stand out even in a crowded room. If the alignment of your teeth dampens your spirits and is bringing you down, you can give your best smile by correcting teeth alignment issues. Orthodontic treatment with braces treat uneven alignment, spacing and other kinds of of alignment related issues.

With new technology, braces are not about wearing metal braces with metallic wires and brackets. You now have various options to choose from. Clear braces are an attractive and less visible option that has excellent results. A modern day innovation, these braces don’t require you to make changes to your lifestyle. They are a good choice for those needing minor or medium orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth.

When you decide on clear braces or any other kind of dental treatment, you should make sure to schedule an appointment with an experienced orthodontist in Singapore as he or she will make sure that they can assist you in any way possible in terms of knowledge, services and equipment.

Clear braces give you a better look

While it doesn’t give the ‘invisible’ look like how Invisalign braces does, it still wins plenty of points when it comes to appearance. In fact, it is still much more appealing than the traditional metal braces, as this type of braces makes use of clear brackets that is made from clear, ceramic material so it is pretty unnoticeable when you compare it to metal braces.

You can even pick the colour of your choice for your braces. Though there are plenty of colours to choose from, a good suggestion would be to choose a colour that matches with your teeth to give a certain camouflage to it.

Similar to how traditional braces work

Looks aside, this type of braces is especially amazing for its properties and results as it is similar to how the traditional metal braces work. Though it is always better to get metal braces if you have an extremely severe case of orthodontic issue, a better option is to get ceramic braces if appearance is your number one concern.

Not only do you enjoy the benefits of a better appearance, but you also get to treat any severe malocclusions that Invisalign braces cannot fix. Invisalign braces may offer the best appearance among the different types of braces, but it is only able to fix mild to medium orthodontic issues.

Works faster than Invisalign

Once again, if you compare Invisalign braces with clear braces, you’ll realise that each type of treatment has its own pros and cons. And it really depends on what you are looking for when you weight out the options. In this case, if you are looking for a faster treatment to get your desired results quickly, then this would make the perfect pick for you.

As you can see from the given benefits above, you get to look better as compared to how you would look like with metal braces and you can fix more major complexity corrections. Moreover, another plus point about this treatment is that it works faster than Invisalign braces as Invisalign is removable and you can just wear it for about 20 to 22 hours a day. Ceramic braces on the other hand are not removable, but in this way, they speed up the process and it makes sure that you don’t lose them once you have them taken out.

If you’re worried about these braces being uncomfortable, then you definitely don’t have to be as they are much more comfortable than metal braces.

What the treatment costs

There are plenty of considerations to factor in when you are coming up with the costs for clear braces treatment, like the clinic or hospital you are doing it at, how experienced and well-known the orthodontist is and the number of appointments scheduled.

You will find that a typical clear braces treatment will cost between $4,300 to $6,000. Depending on your priorities, you should choose your orthodontist carefully when you decide to the treatment. If you plan to do it at a hospital, you should know that there will be a longer waiting time, but you get to enjoy the treatment at a lower price. A private clinic on the other hand will cost you more money, but it means that you get your treatment or enquiries answered quickly during your appointments.


Clear braces are a discrete braces option that straighten teeth and improve alignment. Made from clear materials, they blend in with teeth and are not obvious.

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