What Makes Gold And Stainless Steel Watches Different

Gold or stainless steel? If you are looking to purchase a new watch like a ladies’ jewellery watch, this is often a very relevant consideration. While one is cheaper than the other, there are also considerations like colour matching, durability, and prestige to think about.

So, which should you get? Let’s break down the pros and cons of each metal to help you make a more informed decision!

Stainless steel watches

The advantages

Stainless steel is about 4 times lighter than gold, virtually scratch-resistant, and typically cheaper than gold watches. Its shiny, silver tone is versatile and beautiful. Although stainless steel is not considered a precious metal, there is high demand for watches of this material – hence, stainless steel watches tend to hold their value better.

The disadvantages

Since stainless steel is less expensive than gold, it might be perceived as less ‘luxurious’ and less impressive than gold. Although stainless steel is generally very resistant to corrosion, staining, and scratches, it can ultimately rust when exposed to moist and harsh conditions. For some people, stainless steel may trigger discomfort due to nickel in the material, which is an allergen.

Gold watches

The advantages

Gold is a rare material, giving it its status as a precious metal. Wearing anything made of gold is sure-way to attract attention and show prestige or status to the wearer. No one can deny that gold is a highly-coveted material which has been considered beautiful, even way back in history. The material is easily recognisable, valuable, and does not tarnish.

The disadvantages

As a precious material, gold is more expensive than stainless steel. Although gold does not tarnish, its main drawback is its softness. Pure gold is easily scratched and bent, making it look its attractiveness quickly. Thus, many gold jewellery and watches actually use gold alloys.

So, which is better?

There is no clear answer on whether gold or stainless is better. Ultimately, it boils down to what you are looking for in a watch. If you are concerned about price and durability, stainless might be the wiser choice. But if you want a more prestigious feel, gold is the way to go. You probably also want to consider how the metals match with your skin tone, or the colour of clothes that you tend to wear often.

The silver colour of stainless steel is typically considered a ‘cool’ colour, which will go well with cool-toned skin colours or cool hued outfits like blue and grey. On the other hand, gold is known as a ‘warm’ colour, which matches better with warm-toned skin colours or clothes in red or brown.

Other options

While both stainless steel and gold have their pros and cons, it has to be noted that most of their disadvantages can be addressed by looking to close alternatives. For example, the softness of gold can be countered by opting for gold alloys that are harder and more scratch-resistant. Or, if you’d like the prestige of gold without actually committing to the yellow-gold colour, you have options available to you like rose gold and white gold.

If you love the silver colour look of stainless steel, you can go for titanium as an even tougher material, or platinum for a more luxurious choice.

Most definitely, if you have the luxury of cash in hand, you could even go for both! You can choose one now and add another to your collection in future, or opt for a set of jewellery watches with a stainless steel and gold watch. There are also bi-colour timepieces that use a combination of stainless steel and gold.


Getting to know the properties of your watch metal is crucial in helping you make the right choice! After all, you are the one who will be wearing the watch – so your comfort and style preference are of utmost importance!

If you’d prefer to see these watch options in person, we welcome you to head down to our store to compare some stainless steel and gold watches for women and men. We can also get to understand your lifestyle and requirements to advise you on the best choice to make!

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