What Wallpaper Design Would Suit Your Home Perfectly?

We all want our homes to reflect a distinct, soothing, and calming feeling. This is why it is a great idea to adorn your abode with a personalized wallpaper.

If you thought that wallpapers belong to the bygone era, think again. It is true that wallpapers made their first appearance back in the 1970s, but they have made a huge and stylish comeback with plenty of new designs that appeal to the millennials and the generation after. Here are five fabulous wallpaper designs that are sure to blow your mind away and make you yearn to have them in your abode immediately.

Perennial patterns

Let’s admit it, we love wallpapers because they come with intricate patterns that are very difficult to paint onto the wall directly. That’s why the first design in our list is patterned wallpapers. These wallpapers come in a variety of patterns—be it delicate, complex, surreal, nature-inspired, or out-of-the-box ones. You may opt for a subtle, nature-inspired theme, for example, with floral or foliage patterns if you want to maintain an earthy and balanced look in the house. Otherwise, you may prefer to go for a bolder and more ambitious choice with a modern, abstract patterned wallpaper. Whatever you choose, do it in moderation and you will never fail to ace the look.

Serene solids

Solid monochrome and pastel wallpapers have always been in fashion, and for good reason—they show class and elegance that no other design or pattern can emulate. These wallpapers come in a variety of textures that make them look simple yet classy. You can find textured, plain wallpapers that immediately give your walls a look of modern and chic feel. The best part about these wallpapers is that they are versatile and can go with almost all kinds of furniture and décor. Go for high-quality Korean wallpaper when opting for serene solids—they’ve truly perfected the art!

Lovely lines

This kind of wallpaper design relies heavily on the beauty of lines. Be it horizontal, vertical, tilted, or crisscrossing, these designs are sure to ring a bell. The biggest reason why people opt for these designs is that they offer a perfect balance between classic style and modern elements. Because lines are one of the earliest design elements we see while growing up, these wallpaper designs appeal to a wide range of people and go well with pretty much any interior décor. This design also gives a no-nonsense, clean and sleek look to any room.

Raw and rustic 3D

You will be amazed to see wallpapers that look like three-dimensional constructions. These designs are immensely popular because they add a rustic appeal and blend modern design elements into traditionally-designed rooms. Take a good look at some of these designs and you will find everything ranging from pebbles to planks, and bricks to rocks, mounted on a wall. These designs are best for people who want to have a unique and unusual design in their refurbished home.

Landscape love

The last design in our list is that of landscapes recreated in your rooms. You will find wallpapers with recreated beaches, busy streets, parks, lake-sides and valleys, among many other outdoor sceneries. These wallpapers are meant for one wall in the room and give the impression of extended space. Opt for these if you want to create a cosy and private corner in your room. Go a step further with custom made curtains following the same theme to blow all your guests away when they visit.

The variety of designs available with wallpaper suppliers will take you by surprise. Do make sure to pick out one that appeals to you and reflects your personality perfectly. Take your time with it, and have fun browsing through the various options available!

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