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Now that you have finally mustered the courage to put those metal ropes around your teeth, you will be glad to know that there is an alternative. Yes… your un-metalized smile may brighten up someone else’s day but to get there, you will have to spend 2 years or more clenching and grinding your teeth against the metal balls, which is not a pleasant sight.

Not just you but everyone is a tad too self-conscious about their teeth, especially if you are hiding topsy-turvy or crooked teeth behind those beautiful lips. You may even avoid photographers, since you feel that they are after your deranged smile more than ever. Not any more… Consulting a good orthodontist in Singapore is the first step to finding an alternative solution to metal braces.

We can save you another Google search by recommending clear braces, also known as Invisalign treatment.

What is Invisalign?

It is a treatment that helps align your teeth in the most comfortable way possible. The treatment uses a set of clear aligners (transparent plastic moulds) that are custom made to your teeth. They are seamless and crystal clear, making it almost impossible to tell whether you are undergoing a dental treatment. Any good orthodontist in Singapore will recommend this irritation-free treatment that causes minimal discomfort and adjustment. There are no brackets or wires that may poke you or make conversations difficult.

You just need to be more consistent with Invisalign since the braces are removable and you may be compelled to remove them when you step in public.

Clear Braces Cost Singapore

Clear braces cost Singapore may range anywhere from $3000 to $11000. The lower starting price may only be offered at public hospitals and clinics therefore if you or your kid prefers a fancy private clinic, you must be prepared to pay a lot more than your budget may allow you. You should also be well aware of your dental insurance cover that will only pay for you and your immediate family’s dental treatment up to a specified limit, which may just be a drop in the ocean.

If you look at the scenario from another angle, clear braces cost Singapore may seem justified because of the flexibility and comfort these braces provide. Just imagine… You will not have to hear about your daughter complaining about her braces and how they are contributing to her social suicide in high school. Invisalign treatment offers social benefits as opposed to its alternatives, which may be more important than a mouth covered with metal wires.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The benefits will outweigh the clear braces cost Singapore, and here is why:

  • You are relieved of the stigma of metal mouth.
  • Enhanced confidence is one of the biggest benefits of Invisalign.
  • You can enjoy your meals without worrying about the braces. They are removable!
  • Placement after meals is a breeze.
  • They reduce traumatic wear in the long term.
  • People engage with you with more confidence.
  • You are saved from bacteria, gum diseases, plaque acids etc.
  • Chances of periodontal disease are reduced since straighter teeth leave less space for bacteria buildup.

In summary, premium clear braces cost Singapore is justified when you count the benefits, however walking into a dental clinic straightaway after a little bit of research over the internet may not be the most ideal path to a confident smile. You still need to find a good orthodontist in Singapore who will take a good look at you and your family before they advise you the best treatment.

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